UK Edm Trio Monsta Releases 'Messiah' Ep June 4th 2013

UK Edm Trio Monsta Releases 'Messiah' Ep June 4th 2013

"This is not your typical dubstep. This is next-level." - Skrillex 

London-based EDM trio MONSTA are set to release the Messiah EP via iTunes June 4th. Comprised of producers Rocky and Rufio with vocals from front man Skaar, the rising group is a product of the UK dance scene whose progressive sound and uncompromising refusal to be pigeon-holed by any one genre has been making waves with peers and live audiences alike. 

Title track "Messiah," for which the group recently premiered the video, combines all the best parts of electronica, dance, soul and gospel with producers Rocky and Rufio injecting an unmistakable and infectious energy to the track which sounds as euphoric on speakers as it does on the dance floor. But what makes MONSTA uniquely different from anything in the current EDM scene are Skaar's soaring vocals- his inimitable voice, which Skrillex describes as "like fucking angels are singing," driving "Messiah" like an unstoppable juggernaut.  

In the wake of the Skrillex and Nero remix of MONSTA's track "Holdin On," the band's debut EP reached No.1 on both the UK and US iTunes electronic chart selling over 100,000 downloads and prompting music bloggers to cast the spotlight on the trio, further cementing their crossover status and underground dance scene credentials. 

Having toured extensively through the UK, Europe and US with the likes of Knife Party, Kill The Noise, Nero and Swedish House Mafia, MONSTA have built up a large and loyal live following through their infectiously energetic performances- evidenced most recently in the U.S. with a sold out performance at NYC's Webster Hall earlier this month, at Swedish House Mafia's LA Masquerade Motel and in Austin at SXSW.