Tiny Victories Announce Debut Album 'Haunts' Due Out In The Us June 10th 2014

Tiny Victories Announce Debut Album 'Haunts' Due Out In The Us June 10th 2014

The Sleepover Party is excited to announce the release of Tiny Victories' debut album Haunts, dueJune 10, 2014.
Additionally, Tiny Victories are teaming up with All Things Go once more, playing an ATG-presented show at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn on May 8th with Big Data and My Body, where the band will debut many of the tracks off Haunts live. 
Haunts comes on the heels of the band's critically acclaimed 2012 EP, Those Of Us Still Alive. Following that brief 5-song debut, NPR picked Tiny Victories as a band likely to break big nationally, hand-selected by WNYC's own John Schaefer.  MTV Buzzworthy lauded the band's "futuristic synths, squiggly samples and fist-pumping vocals" as sounding "like a big win to us," while Time Out NY highlighted their "Bittersweet bangers...which should satisfy those craving a hit of lush, hooky MGMT-style dance-pop." The band was invited to play Bonnaroo in 2013 and join the Bonnaroo 365 tour with White Denim and Maps & Atlases, as well as share bills with Ra Ra Riot, Bear Hands, Yellow Ostrich, Magic Man and more.
Tiny Victories' new album, produced and mixed by industry veteran Alex Aldi (Passion Pit, Holy Ghost!) and mastered by Chris Gehringer (Yeasayer, Chairlift, Jay-Z), is a statement of purpose-and a point of arrival. The songwriting has evolved in a more focused direction, with a tighter structure, while Greg Walters and Cason Kelly continue to build on the experimental sonic architecture that fascinated them in their early days. Synth lines cut through through the dense underbrush of electronic soundscapes, propelled forward by Cason's relentless drumming. Greg's self-assured voice soars above the commotion.
Haunts is full of memories. People you used to know. Rooms where you lived, streets you walked down. The lover you haven't spoken to in years who still lives in your dreams. Because the past is never dead. It's not even past.
Sometimes music is memory. The emotional memory of a songwriter, distilled into a way of viewing the world. Some songwriters are cartographers, mapping an inner landscape of hope and regrets. Each song is an invisible city, populated by ghosts. That is the land, and these are the people, of Tiny Victories' debut full-length album, Haunts.
The surprise is that the tone of much of Haunts is joyous, even celebratory. Synths and electronic squiggles crash against pounding beats in ecstatic, orgiastic rhythms. Lyrically, though, the album is a compendium of love and loss. The contrast creates rooms of light and shadow (in "Scott & Zelda" or "Systems") or the oceanic catharsis of a party at the end of the world ("Austin, TX" and "This Revolution").
The song ideas were born in bedrooms crowded with samplers, Kaoss Pads and other electronic gadgets. Then the duo moved into Alex Aldi's Brooklyn studio in mid-2013. Aldi's studio was the de facto storage house for Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos' synth collection. Greg and Cason dove into this gear. Much of the record was performed on Angelakos' hardware.
Tiny Victories was formed in 2010 when Greg Walters met Cason Kelly in a Brooklyn bar. Both had played in a variety of other musical projects for years. Otherwise, they were an unlikely duo. Greg was just back from a six-year stint as a foreign correspondent based in Moscow, Russia.
"Journalism and music are both ways of making sense of the world," Greg says. "Journalism looks outward at what's happening around you. Music explores your inner life." Cason had recently moved to New York from Athens, GA, and was doing social work with inner city kids-a different kind of daily struggle. Both were burned out and looking for something new. They each wanted to take their music farther than it had gone before. They decided to start a band.

Haunts tracklist:
1. Drinking With Your Ghost
2. Scott & Zelda
3. Systems
4. Let It Burn
5. This Revolution
6. Austin, TX
7. Proton Pagoda
8. Life Is Boring
9. Our Lady of Route 80
10. Justine
11. You're Gone