The Crash Brand New Factual Drama Inspired By Real Events Bbc Three, March 2013

The Crash Brand New Factual Drama Inspired By Real Events Bbc Three, March 2013

The Crash dramatises the poignant events surrounding a fatal car crash involving a group of young friends. The series explores the devastating impact of the collision on the survivors, their families and the entire community.

A close knit circle of friends, all with bright futures in front of them, are caught up in a serious car crash.  Who will survive, was anyone to blame and what effect will the events have on them and their parents?

Set in a small town in England, the series stars Sacha Parkinson (Coronation Street), Georgina Henshaw (Waterloo Road), Lewis Rainer (Dani's House), Lily Loveless (Skins), James Burrows (My Mad Fat Teenage Diary, Skins), Joshua Bolt (The Accused), Darcy Isa (Waterloo Road) and Daniela Nardini (This Life).

The two- part drama is inspired by extensive interviews and research of real life events and tells the story of the collision from the point of view of the people involved. The Crash dramatises the narrative behind the statistics such as 75% of female passengers killed from 2005 to 2011 were in a car with a male driver aged between 17-24 (source Department of Transport).

Kate Harper (Sacha Parkinson) arrives home from university for Christmas to a passionate reunion with her boyfriend, Tom Harris, (Lewis Rainer). Close friends Rachel (Georgina Henshaw) and Ashley (Lily Loveless) have other ideas - a night out with mates.

Rachel's boyfriend Ethan (James Burrows) arrives to pick them up and they pile into Tom and Ethan's cars, collecting Tom's brother Brian (Joshua Bolt) and Rachel's sister Leah (Darcy Isa) on the way. Rachel, much to her loathing, discovers that aspiring footballer Brian and bookworm Leah are going out together.

On the way to the pub, on a quiet country road, with Kate and Brian in the car, Tom decides to overtake a reckless driver and crashes into an on-coming car. Ethan who has been following behind with Rachel, Leah and Ashley also crashes and both cars end up in a field.

From that moment in time, the lives of the distraught teenagers and their families are changed forever. As the community grieves for those who died in the crash, the survivors face an uncertain future.

The Crash is a 2x60 drama, written by Terry Cafolla, directed by Sarah Walker and produced by Nick Pitt. The Executive Producers at DSP are Dominic Barlow and Julian Ware. The series was commissioned by Zai Bennett, Controller, BBC Three and Charlotte Moore, Commissioning Executive for Documentaries. Maxine Watson is Commissioning Executive for the BBC.