The Blackmoth Announces New 'Love Sensation' Ep Released April 8th 2013

The Blackmoth Announces New 'Love Sensation' Ep Released April 8th 2013

The Blackmoth is the brainchild of renaissance man Alexander F. Nilere, though born in London he spent his early years in Nigeria under the stench of brutal military rule. Life meant experiencing the sweet thick smell of 'after rain' air, sampling delicious street foods alongside regularly seeing dead bloated bodies at the roadside - all the time surrounded by music and family. Graduating to selling weed for pocket money by twelve years old, Alexander was only too happy to be sent back to London. Turning his back on all things African he absorbed the music of British Arthouse bands of the 60s, 80s & 90s (Velvet Underground, Cocteau Twins, Grace Jones, Japan, The Smiths, Portishead) and formed the genre-defying band Acacia with noted producer Guy Sigsworth.

Tours followed with Bjork and Aphex Twin until record company friction split the band apart. Then came the collective Hexadragon under the cocaine-fuelled guardianship of Nellee Hooper (and Virgin LA) - times were hedonistic and the collective blew over a million & half on an album & videos that were never to be released.

It was during a performance with his next project the Asian influenced Blackmoth Connection, that stress and frustration finally took it's toll and Alexander collapsed on stage, rushed to hospital only to be diagnosed with bowel cancer. Two years later, still fragile, four more deaths in his close family circle tipped him into depression. These dark times made Alexander take stock and move to start afresh, now surrounded by crack gangs and the new millionaires of Kilburn, NW6 London.

The Blackmoth decided to go it alone and turn his story into songs and videos, without hiding his Britishness and Nigerian background, all the time dressing in skinhead fashion, but channelling it through Ralph Lauren and Fela Kuti.

1. ENGULFED (Alexander Nilere, James Macdonald)
produced by BluPrintz (addit. vocal production J Reel)
2. THE OUTSIDER (Alexander Nilere, Jake Bullit)
produced by Jabu & The Blackmoth
3. LOVE SENSATION (Alexander Nilere, Jake Bullit)
produced by Jabu & The Blackmoth
4. VEXATION (Alexander Nilere, Luke Grant)
produced by Luke Grant & The Blackmoth
5. COCAINE PSYCHOSIS - Starblaze Remix (Alexander Nilere, Guy Sigsworth)
produced by Jabu & The Blackmoth