Temple Invisible Releases Stream Of New Track 'Collide' Debut Ep 'Enter_' Out Dec 15th 2014 [Listen]

Temple Invisible Releases Stream Of New Track 'Collide' Debut Ep 'Enter_' Out Dec 15th 2014 [Listen]

We're  excited to introduce you to dark, electronic tones of Romanian three-piece Temple Invisible, who are set to release their debut EP 'Enter_' on Dec 15th. New single 'Collide' is the second track to be unveiled from the forthcoming record and is online now.
With previous comparisons being drawn to the likes of Gary Numan & Depeche Mode, 'Collide' acts as the perfect opener to the noir sounds of Temple Invisible. The track begins with deep swirls of synths combined with lush, enticing vocals from lead-singer Irina Bucescu, As the song progresses, sinister notes creep in, leaving you on edge to hear more.

Temple Invisible is the experimental, electronic musical project of Irina Bucescu, Costas Ivanov & Daniel Olteanu - three multi instrumentalists from Bucharest, Romania. Since releasing their debut single 'Disappearance' in May this year they have had a pretty ripper year. Whether selling out multiple venues around the hometown, performing on the main stage at Electric Castle Festival in Transylvania or finding new fans around the world it's fair to say the guys have been off to a nice start.
'Collide' is the second single taken from the band's debut EP, which is set for release on December 15th and similarly to the entire record, the band chose to record and produce the entire track in their home studio.
Speaking about their forthcoming release, Temple Invisible describe 'Enter_' as a vibrational state in which they abide among their absolute love for music and their contradictory need for self-identification as a way to reconcile both.
Always willing to push new frontiers with a mixture that blends electro-beats, psychedelic guitars, symphonic elements, 80s synth-goth and trip-hop with a nod to classic post-industrial notes, it's hard to pinpoint just where the hallowing chords of this three-piece sit, landing them on a distinct & intriguing sound.