Stephen Kellogg Announces New Single 'Lost & Found' Released 9th September 2013

Stephen Kellogg Announces New Single 'Lost & Found' Released 9th September 2013

With his new album, Blunderstone Rookery, set for release in August, Stephen Kellogg will be releasing new single 'Lost & Found' on 9 September, two weeks before he hits the UK again for a string of September dates. The opening track from his new album, Stephen writes the following about the single ...

"It's not that I closed off my heart, it's just that I've gotten so tired."
 Sometimes in my life, I have felt discarded. Left behind. At times, it would happen at what seemed to be the most inconvenient moment, when both my ego and heart really couldn't sustain another setback or disappointment. Just when I was starting to "get it" or "figure it out" (we're always "figuring things out" or "working on things."), I would feel the sting of disappointment.

 Well, I have figured something out once and for all, and I wanted to share it with you. It's the realization that, just because we have lost our way or been displaced from what we've known in the past, we are just as loveable and just as whole. A great jacket sitting in a lost and found is still a great jacket. A great person having a tough time is still a great person.

 That's why I wrote this song "Lost and Found," and it's been something of a relief.
"Sometimes a man gets worn thin, on the brink of a break of an almost-there win."
 When the storms of life would roll in on me, as they did in 2012, I would find myself trying not to collapse too far inward, which seemed lonely. But I also didn't quite have the energy to take a confident next step to relieve my isolated feeling.

 What I discovered while writing this song was renewed energy in the understanding that I was not alone. I was worthy, always had been, and was no less so just because I felt "lost."

"You'd be surprised if you'd just look around. You'd find me, find me at the lost and found."
 Wherever the winds of your life may blow you, your true north is always inside you. Even when you're lost. -Stephen Kellogg

September UK dates
Tues  24th London Borderline
Wed   25th Glasgow Broadcast
Thur   26th Belfast Black Box
Fri      27th Manchester Night & Day
Sat    28th Gateshead, The Central