Springtime Carnivore Releases Stream Of 'Sun Went Black' [Listen]

Springtime Carnivore Releases Stream Of 'Sun Went Black' [Listen]

The debut album from American artsist Springtime Carnivore (aka the nom de tune of Greta Morgan) is a dreamy work of ebullient pop and looming psychedelia, evoking a mellow high on a Sunday afternoon, where everything is magnified and glows in Technicolor.

Produced by Morgan and sonic wizard Richard Swift (The Black Keys, The Shins, Foxygen), the album crackles with warmth and employs faded strings, blown-out drums, fuzzy guitars, and pawnshop keyboards to adorn widescreen vocals. It builds on a foundation of classic folk and pop songwriting, synthesizing those roots with capricious production that turns and careens unexpectedly, casting her melodic songs in varied light and from surprising angles. The songs sound familiar and utilize classic approaches, but are skewed and distinctly modern.

There's an index card tacked to the wall of Morgan's rehearsal space. It reads "no cheap tricks," and its command is heeded on Springtime Carnivore's 14 heavenly songs.
01. Western Pink
02. Collectors
03. Name On A Matchbook
04. Sun Went Black
05. Foxtrot Freak (Something In The Atmosphere)
06. Other Side Of The Boundary
07. Karen Bird's Theme
08. Keep Confessing
09. Last One To Know
10. Two Scars
11. Talk To Me Slow
12. Creature Feature
13. Find A New Game
14. Low Clouds