Spring King Announce New Ep

Spring King Announce New Ep "Demons" Released 8th September 2014 Plus Stream 'Can I?' [Listen]

How to follow the riotous garage stomp of 'concept single' "Mumma"? With a 5-track EP - a first for paradYse records, which stretches the band's sound into thrillingly tuneful new territory.

Production wunderkind Tarek Musa leads his charges of Peter Darlington, James Green and Andrew Morton into darker, anthemic territory with lead track "Demons"- a song recorded in the pitch black as the band pioneer 'Method recording', documenting a personal battle of will, juxtaposed with the energetic instrumentation of "uplifting tempos that make you want to shake".

Recorded in the soon to be legendary bathroom studios. Yes - a studio in which the bathtub was pulled out to accommodate the drumkit, this EP showcases the live furore of the band's show - bringing to mind the ambition of Funeral era Arcade Fire, with the pure Garage punk of The Reatards and a shared passion for Bossanova - tracks like "Can I" with their call of "It takes some time to clear my mind", in-fact bury their way into yours, whilst showstopper "Let's Ride" will blast away and cobwebs hidden behind the sink, with any other band wishing they had a tune as strong as "Better Man" for a lead single!

Live dates:
18 July - Latitude Festival
20 September - Southsea Festival
22 September - Electrowerkz, London (EP Launch)

Side A
1. Can I?
2. Better Man
3. Demons

Side B
1. I'm Your Only Friend
2. Let's Ride