Russo Streams Debut Ep 'Wild Metals' [Listen]

Russo Streams Debut Ep 'Wild Metals' [Listen]

Ahead of its release next week on Valcrond Video, the label run by sound and image artist Luke Wyatt (Torn Hawk), the debut EP from New York multidisciplinary artist Russo is now available to stream in its entirety via Dazed Digital. Filled with lush soundscapes, nigh tangible textures and an inventive rhythmic approach somewhere at the intersection between dub and footwork, it's an immersive and stimulating exercise in synesthesia.
Russo (Ari Russo) is an NYC based multi-artist whose engagement with abandoned media finds an outlet in the video bursts he culls as OfficeFern. As a programmer, he's produced innovative music generation tools such as the Diamond Arpeggiator as well as audio-visual software. He returns to his own music with this collection of challenging and transporting structures.

Wild Metals evokes black plastic electronics overgrown with ferns and orchids. The breed of black plastic that Russo and Wyatt both found sinisterly inserted into the grid of their childhood. It provided the skin for some of their favorite toys, and its general resonance was aligned with the fast cars, women, architecture that dominated their imaginations.

Wild Metals EP track list:
1. Zishethe
2. PM Enterainment
3. Black Plants
4. Purple Earth