Reverse The Curse To Release Album 'Existent' On August 27th 2013

Reverse The Curse To Release Album 'Existent' On August 27th 2013

Reverse The Curse, the proudest sons of Hiram, Ohio, announced today that they will be releasing their sophomore LP via Paper + Plastick Records on August 27. Existent is the band's second effort for P+P, following up the critically revered Hither & Yon. 

The creepy / psychedelic / awesome lyric video for "Carer" showcases a track that reveals RTC's progression. The song blends post-rock, post-hardcore and the band's punk roots. Fans of Brand New, Thrice, Slint and Gifts From Enola will enjoy the track immensely. 

Reverse The Curse -- consisting of vocalist/guitarist Ed Starcher, guitarist / keyboardist / vocalist Andy Cook, bassist / vocalist Connor Johnson and drummer Joey Regets -- recorded with Eric Cronstein (Struck By Lightning, The Sidekicks, Lemon Sky) in Columbus, OH. Starcher delivered the following message about the album:

"With Existent, we had a completely new approach to recording and writing," says Starcher. "We were writing and demoing stuff out for a year and a half, instead of usually just writing and just recording how we play them. I really love listening to records front to back and going through the experience of a whole record, and that was how i wanted to make this album. I wanted to make it an experience from front to back, a collective piece of art and not just 10 songs. We are very proud of how hard we worked and how much we put in."

Existent can now be preordered from Paper + Plastick records' webstore. The record is available digitally and in three vinyl variants.


1. skywatchers
2. ida the younger
3. carer
4. broken key
5. specter
6. box of angles
7. the hum heard
8. deliverance
9. west of the nile
10. holding water