Redder Announce New Ep 'Border Lines' Plus Free Download Of Title Track

Redder Announce New Ep 'Border Lines' Plus Free Download Of Title Track

Helsinki-based two-piece Redder create dramatic, forlorn and emotive songs that chart the trails of the heart. 

Approaching music from very different backgrounds, the dynamic duo, Frans Saraste and Vesa Hoikka, found solidarity in their appreciation for psychedelic sounds with gothic & gloomy undertones. It is this appreciation that lead the two of them to form Redder; the alias under which they could create music that compliments each of their musical strengths. After working very closely and merging Frans' tender, weary soulful vocal compositions with Vesa's more electronic approach, their mesmerising debut EP "Border/lines" took its shape. The finished sound combines elements of both low-fi choir-like vocal tones & melancholic nocturnal pop, recalling in parts, the music of Australian singer Josef Salvat or London-based artist Fyfe. Redder is already looking to expand on their first recorded outing by putting down songs for a debut album to be released later this year. In support of the new EP, Redder have just revealed the stirring EP title track 'Border/lines' which you can now stream.

EP Tracklist:

2. Almost inside my head
3. Faster
5. I think we lost him

Listen to 'Border/Lines' here: