R.seiliog Announces New Album 'In Hz' Out December 2nd 2014 On Turnstile

R.seiliog Announces New Album 'In Hz' Out December 2nd 2014 On Turnstile

Originating from the pine-coned hills of Peniel, North Wales. R.Seiliog is the alias of skewed musician/producer Robin Edwards. Following the warm analog psychedelia of 2012's Shuffles EP, and 2013's Doppler - a wide-eyed homage to Krautrock, prolific outsider R.Seiliog is excited to announce the release of his first full LP, In Hz. Set for release on Turnstile on December 2nd, the record is an interconnected work of intricate drones, pulses and Kosmische electronics that tap into woozy flashbacks of '90s house, minimal techno and avant-garde.

Inspired by Pierre Schaeffer's Solfège De L'Objet Sonore, alternative tunings, and the alchemy of resonance, the album finds R.Seiliog exploring perplexing sonic tapestries. Throughout In Hz, there's a sense of that each track could build up or break down at a moment's notice, with tracks like "Mt. Essa" and "Inertia" constantly shifting and reforming multiple times over the course of their runtimes. The dancefloor isn't far from the record center either; "Constellation Drip" and "Velcro For Vortex" finds the Welsh producer constructing exuberant bits of outsider techno. The whole LP is linked together by R.Seiliog's keen ear organic psychedelica, which permeates each song on the record.

R.Seiliog has built a formidable reputation from live gigs across the the U.K.; he recently remixed the title track of Manic Street Preachers' album Futurology at the band's request. In a recent interview with the Quietus, Manic's frontman James Dean Bradfield said 2013's Doppler "really gave me inspiration when we were finishing Futurology. . . it's just one of those records that I absolutely love."

R.Seiliog - In Hz
(Turnstile - December 2nd)
1. Mt. Essa
2. Velcro For Vortex
3. Cymatic Modes
4. Wow Signal
5. Constellation Drip
6. Peripheral Thermal (Left)
7. Peripheral Thermal (Right)
8. Inertia

Upcoming UK Shows:
10/18: Bristol, UK @ Start The Bus
11/4: Chester, UK @ Telford's Warehouse
12/10: London, UK @ The Waiting Rooms

photo credit: Kirsten McTernan