Princess Releases Stream Of New Track 'Molly' [Listen]

Princess Releases Stream Of New Track 'Molly' [Listen]

Mixing dream-like experimentation with elements of Krautrock, ambient-noise rock and psych-garage. Princess create simple song structures balanced against sonic rise and fall with a firm grounding in melody, rhythm and experimental noise.

Princess are a group compiling of Aoife Frances and Liam Mesbur. The duo met as teenagers in a Junior Liaisons office but didn't begin to make music until summer of 2013. Aoife and Liam now write, perform and produce all their music themselves. With a little help from their friends from time to time.

Liam uploaded a demo entitled Square in September, 2012. The group went on on to play major venues around Dublin along side recognised Irish bands Girl Band, Girls Names and The September Girls. In June of 2013, they released their debut EP Black Cat. The record was met with great critical acclaim from blogs such as ThisisfakeDIY and Artrocker magazine. They continued to receive rapturous acclaim for their live shows over the summer and were chosen as Golden Plec and States "Band to Watch" for Castlepalooza 2013 and did their first Irish tour with American Indie Rock band Cloud Nothings in May 2014.

Princess went on to release Neverlook in June, 2014 to great critical acclaim in the UK and Europe. They will be releasing their next single Molly in September, 2014 on limited edition t-shirt with Download Code and are planning to release a mini LP in January 2015. Also in September, they will be embarking on their first UK tour in opening for Canadian two-piece COUSINS and will be opening for Krautrock legend (and a personal hero of Liam and Aoifes) Damo Suzuki.