Pheroze To Release New Ep 'Ennui' On April 23rd 2013

Pheroze To Release New Ep 'Ennui' On April 23rd 2013

Pheroze has announced April 23rd as the release date for his new EP, Ennui. Tapping into an intricate fantasy world rich with astute spirituality and cleverly-constructed melodic and harmonic structures, dexterous guitarist, songwriter and producer Pheroze makes intelligent music that illuminates life's mysterious complexities. Inspired by vibrant rock risk-takers such as Freddie Mercury, Kim Thayil, Chris Cornell, Slash, Jeff Buckley and Prince, his intellectually-driven songs memorialize the craftsmanship behind the music that has sparked his imagination since childhood and present multi-dimensional snapshots of his cultural and creative roots.

Born in London to Zoroastrian parents, Pheroze's musical journey began while he was splitting his childhood time between the restrictive Saudi Arabia and the colorful, sensual India. Equally-stimulated by the pervasive Bollywood culture and the Black Sabbath and Queen that was on regular rotation at his parents' house, his exposure to varied cultures allowed Pheroze to develop a worldly perspective.

Pheroze has been energetically participating in the New York City music scene since he arrived in 1997 and has written songs for, played in and released well-received albums with bands including Scar Culture (Century Media Records) and Soapbox Army. Often referring to himself as "Minstrel for the Dead," Pheroze Karai has recorded and released two solo LPs: Driftwood (2008, mixed by Nick Cohen); Crows into Swine (2011, mixed by Clay Holley). Both albums exhibit his skills as a multi-instrumentalist and feature him playing every instrument except drums.
His upcoming release Ennui presents a series of distinctive, intricately-crafted songs about the moody human condition, reinforces his agility as a producer, singer and songwriter

Pheroze - Vocals & Guitar
Pontus Gunve (PHWG) - Guitar
Dan Kramer (The Stink) - Bass
Jeff Hardee (Facelift) - Drums