Pandreas Announces New Ep 'Beluga' Released 8th April 2014

Pandreas Announces New Ep 'Beluga' Released 8th April 2014

Andreas Kleven Rasmussen, the Norwegian producer behind Pandreas lives in Bergen - a quiet city that allows him the space to retreat into his own mind to create the sounds that inform his nostalgia-flecked melancholic house jams whilst also studying law. 'Beluga' is Pandreas's third EP on Sell!Out Music.

His sounds has drawn similarities to artists like The Field or DJ Koze. He makes wonderfully insular sounding music, giving his tracks an introspective feel beneath their club-friendly sensibilities. New York based artist Jonathan William Turner has created the artwork and the forthcoming video for the Beluga EP. Andreas made the EP using two old analog synthesizers.

About the new EP, Andreas claims : "I feel like the general vibe is a bit dark and moody. I had a lot of songs and demos to choose from for the release but ended up with only three songs which I feel best represented what I sought out to make. A little bit of techno, house and ambient music."