'Nature Ep' From Walla Out Now!

'Nature Ep' From Walla Out Now!

WALLA's Nature EP is out now! Billboard interviewed the band this week, writing that the EP is "an upbeat blend of synth-pop and spiky guitar work, in the vein of groups such as Passion Pit or Vampire Weekend."  

MTV Buzzworthy loved the recent "Crazy World" single, writing "don't think that WALLA's musical prowess is limited to a smattering of indie-pop comparisons (Passion Pit, Johnny Stimson) -- somehow the international five-piece has managed to channel Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start The Fire" with similar rhythmic chants..."

The "Nature" single went to #1 on the Hype Machine and has over 125,000 plays.  Consequence of Sound wrote, "If the effort's title track is any indication, these gents have some staying power."

HillyDilly said, "'Nature' is just too good to leave any lingering questions whether this band is going to stick around or not."

Indie Shuffle loved "No Time" and wrote "the setup is ripe, and execution thus far thoroughly infectious..." All Things Go described, "The production and arrangement perfectionism of these pop fusionists shines through..."

WALLA formed out of different times, places, and hardships. By random chance, we found each other through digital means and a common love for inventing new wavelengths. After forming a strong friendship and working tirelessly on different prototypes of songs, we finally decided to begin the project, now officially called, WALLA. The name is a reference to the sound and murmur resulting from a large crowd of people. The sound also reflected our confusion and hopelessness during a time of tough life decisions and rough financial circumstances. But through sheer perseverance and the culmination of different influences (everything from pop, funk, samba, rock, metal, folk, disco, and psychedelia) we were able to fuse them all together to create a NEW promising sound... and so it began... We quickly made an indestructible pact to always maintain strong melodies and lyrics, putting above and beyond care and effort into each decibel of sound we produce (almost to the point of neuroticism), and allowing each song to breathe its own life and soul. We loved the idea of not knowing what type of song we would come up with next...  

Listen to 'Nature' EP here: