Mr Twin Sister Releases Stream Of  New Single 'In The House Of Yes' [Listen]

Mr Twin Sister Releases Stream Of New Single 'In The House Of Yes' [Listen]

Mr Twin Sister are pleased to share 'In The House of Yes', the third track to be taken from their forthcoming self-titled album and follow up to the 2011 debut In Heaven, due for UK release on 6th October via Infinite Best. 'In The House of Yes' is a song about giving in, but not giving up. As the narrator drifts downwards towards oblivion, so her gaze shifts upward and the self-made walls surrounding her come into focus. Only then can she see them and begin to change. 

During the three year gap between records, the band returned to the creative process they had employed on their debut EPs - Vampires With Dreaming Kids and Color Your Life - working individually or in small, shifting groups. Ideas germinated in an environment where experimentation was encouraged. Some bloomed immediately, others matured slowly over the years, the rest demolished and rebuilt dozens of times in an effort to discover their ideal form.

Progress was slow, coming in fits and bursts, accommodating the unexpected twists and turns of life but there was a new depth to the process as well. Prior to 2010, when working on the first two EPs in much the same manner, the band had never before been in a proper studio. Now having spent time in one, they knew better how and when to use it, and were able to combine its benefits with a more methodical songwriting approach for the first time.

We are left with eight songs stretching 38 minutes, something far deeper, darker, and more substantial than anything they have done before. Revolving around themes of self-identity and isolation, the songs stand as a testament to fighting for what you love, breaking down the walls we  surround ourselves with, out of the dark and into the light. 

Mr Twin Sister is due for UK release on 6th October, 2014 via Twin Group/Infinite Best 

Track List
1. Sensitive
2. Rude Boy
3. In The House of Yes
4. Blush
5. Out of the Dark
6. 12 Angels
7. Medford
8. Crime Scene