Miss May I Release New Album 'Rise Of The Lion' On 28th April 2014

Miss May I Release New Album 'Rise Of The Lion' On 28th April 2014

"Ohio's Miss May I are proud to announce the release of their new record 'Rise Of The Lion' on 28th April 2014 via Rise Records. The band have sold over 150,000 copies of previous albums to date. This is the band's fourth album and the first to be produced by the legendary Terry Date (Pantera, Deftones, White Zombie & Bring Me The Horizon).

"Rise Of The Lion is a big step forward for our band. It's our most diverse record by far. The main goal was to create a timeless metal record that defines our band and I believe we have done it." -Levi Benton.

Inspiration lyrically for the album came from letters the band have received from fans over the years.

"I wanted to find a new perspective to write from on this record. I wanted it to be less about me and my life, as I feel I covered that a lot on the last record. So I have this huge box of letters we've received from fans over the years. Often they are about how our songs have helped people through tough times or been the soundtrack to great times. So I decided to write songs from the perspective of different fans who have written to us."

The band have also unveiled the artwork for the new record, which strikingly features a their lion emblem freshly tattooed on a fans back (see below).

"We really wanted to bring our lion emblem back for this record. It's something that people associate with our band and something that was missing on the last record. That said, we wanted something fresh and exciting. We see so many people with that tattoo and it really has become synonymous with our band and our fans. So we decided to find one special fan to have it tattooed on them and represent this record. We wanted a really nasty, bloody, fresh tattoo to symbolize the dedication we and our fans have for this band. Nice, bloody, and metal!"

Rise Of The Lion
1. Refuse To Believe
2. Lunatik
3. Gone
4. Echoes
5. You Want Me
6. Tangled Tongues
7. Hero With No Name
8. Darker Days
9. The End Of Me
10. Saints, Sinners, and Greats

The band recently wrapped up a tour of the UK and Europe with Killswitch Engage and Trivium. They will return in June for a series of high profile festival slots, including a main stage performance at Download Festival.