Meadows In The Mountains Festival 2013 - Baby Prince & Bruno Schmidt On The Line Up Plus Many More...

Meadows In The Mountains Festival 2013 - Baby Prince & Bruno Schmidt On The Line Up Plus Many More...

Meadows In The Mountains Festival returns for it's third chapter this June. Back bigger, better with a wider spectrum of music and an array of creative art inventions. Completely unlike any festival in the world, Meadows is nestled high up in the stunning Rhodope Mountains, very proud of its quirky and different attitude that doesn't follow trends and other festival's concepts.

The beautiful landscapes of Bulgaria beckon once again to recreate the magical mystery and true sense of community that Meadows In The Mountains represents. A world away from other soul less festivals Meadows is a festival who's uniquely intimate ethos is prodominently made by it's stunning setting and  friendly people that attend not just the exquisite line up it presents.
Meadow's welcomes all types of worldwide festivalgoers, explorers, adventure seekers, sun and fun loving hedonists and those born with a penchant for unique immersive experience. Extending a hand to embrace the energy & ethos of community.
Inspired by Bulgarian revolutionaries Vasil Levski and Hristo Botev. Meadows invites it's participants to embark upon a voyage across the seven seas to the very heart of the Rhodopian Mountains nestled in the beautiful Bulgarian countryside; an untouched and un ravished bastion of nature in this harsh world of urban sprawl and concrete jungles.
Once home to prehistoric man these ancient forests have born witness to the fire of creativity and the explosion of the conscious magical mind. It has been recorded that the ancient Thracian explorers, upon bearing witness to the majesty of the meadows, immediately called for their harps and flutes to be bought forth and a new form of musical ceremony was created. The Byzantines themselves reveled in the power that saturates the land, dancing naked by the moonlight in praise to the Gods of celebration and song.
And it is through this very tradition that curator brothers, Benjamin and Damain Sasse have the most great and humble pleasure in inviting festival goers to cast aside their daily woes, shrug off the binding chains of the 9-5 and indulge in a debauched weekend of mind-expanding experience, community and free spirit to skip through the fields and forests with untamed abandon and to lay with the fireflies and nighttime skies in the long grass of the Meadows in the Mountains Festival!

The Line-Up So Far...
Baby Prince
Bruno Schmidt
Carlos Valdes
Dead Echo
Demob Happy
James Barnsley
Jane Fitz
Just Jack Djs
Mirko Hecktor
Nick Monaco
Northern Purpose
Sebastian Voight
The Colour Movement
The Common Tongues
The Priory
No dried up burgers or greasy breakfasts at Meadows, a delectable range of locally sourced fresh food will be available to feed any hunger with no unreasonable 'festival' prices for the pleasure including; stone baked pizza oven, Mamma's home-made burgers, cleansing detox drinks, chai Lounge. Everyday UK lagers will not be seen anywhere in this hidden paradise - in 'The Dakota Bar'  only source Bulgaria's finest brews will be served, local wines and mountain spirits. New in this year hailing from East London - Mixology will be stirring up a blend of poisons and cleansers.
The music and arts line up revolves around the awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset, wildlife and fauna that cover's the festival site. To retain its intimate ethos Meadows In The Mountains only releases a limited amount of tickets. Please do not miss out on this amazing festival.

 7 - 9TH JUNE

Other Meadows In The Mountains activities include:
Horse & cart taxis, mountain zip line, downhill grass bobsleighing, death slide
 horse riding, waterfalls, mountain walking, thermal spring, hammocks,
local village life and locally source food

The cheapest way to travel to the festival is to fly. The average return flight including taxes is o150.
The closest airports are Plovdiv and the capital Sofia with a 3-hour flight time from the UK.
Ryanair fly to Plovdiv, the nearest airport to the site with flights operate out of London Stansted every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sofia is slightly further away from the festival site and flights operate daily out of London Gatwick, Luton and Manchester.