L. Pierre Releases New Ep 'Surface Noise' Out 16th September 2013

L. Pierre Releases New Ep 'Surface Noise' Out 16th September 2013

L. Pierre's 'Surface Noise' is for all you cats that got twisted over the weekend.  It's like a party post 4am when everyone has hit the sack, the record player has found a snag, and that ABBA 7" slowly morphs into a strange sonic nightmare.  Inspired by the welcoming hiss of over-loved vinyl, this E.P is a challenging voyage down through  Aidan Moffats' psyche. 

Following on your work as one of the twin pioneers of Glaswegian radge-rock in Arab Strap can't be an easy task. Aidan clearly has had other ideas, quite different ideas, and most of them comprise his solo project release via his alter ego, Lucky Pierre

In these recordings, L. Pierre pays an affectionate tribute to the wear and tear of overplayed vinyl; the hiss, scratch and pop of records long loved but worn down. It's the sound of survival, the echoes of a life lived well; moth eaten music of dasness and resilience, of beauty and backbone.

'Lucky' Pierre's musical training began at the age of three in his family flat in the quiet village of Camelon in the Falkirk District of Central Scotland. As he ate with his grandfather on a damp, cold, mid-1970s morning, the young boy was deeply moved by the song that flowed from their cheap tinny radio. There was something profoundly powerful about Julie Covington's rendition of Don't Cry For Me Argentina that Pierre was yet too young to comprehend, but this serendipitous moment led to a lifelong pursuit of drama, strings and loveliness. After a spell of numerous dalliances with songwriting, performance and a generous array of emotional stimulants, it was a mere twenty-four years later that saw 'Lucky' release the first fruit of these passions, the wryly titled Pierre's Final Thought, in the first year of the new century. He now lives in Scotland's largest city, Glasgow, where his myriad enthusiasms are often sated but never diminished.


Movement I
Movement II
Movement III
Movement IV
Movement V
Movement VI 

Listen to 'Movement I' here: