Katy Carr And The Aviators Play Womad Festival 2013

Katy Carr And The Aviators Play Womad Festival 2013

Being called "the Polish Bjork" might be a strange accolade if you'd grown up in Nottingham, almost right in the dead centre of England. But Katy Carr probably loves the comparison. Born to a Polish mother, her sprawling, ambitious music is deeply informed by the life lessons of those on the maternal side of her family tree. Her latest (and fourth) album is Paszport, an impressively expansive work that pays tribute to the resilience shown by her mother's compatriots during the Second World War. It's a record that The Observer correctly identified as "a concept album gone refreshingly right", with Katy's keening voice ª- one that wouldn't be out of place in any folk club - combining with chilly Mittel-European instrumentation to profound effect. A strong admirer of 1940s culture, Katy Carr is clearly an artist out of time, a songwriter not from the here and now, but from forever.
-Nigel Tassell

Aviators include the illustrious
Paul Tkachenko - Double Bass + tuba
Orpheus Papafillipou - Violin
Katy Carr - Keyboard and Ukulele and Voice
George Simmonds - Trombone
Sam Slater - Guitars
Hannah Lovell - VJ and Projection

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