Jozus Million Announces Cold Shoulder Mixtape Plus Stream 'Bottles' [Listen]

Jozus Million Announces Cold Shoulder Mixtape Plus Stream 'Bottles' [Listen]

Still only 19 years old, prodigious young Boston beatmaker JoZUS MILLION aka Joseph Zucco has had a busy time of late, dropping his track 'Illusions Of' featuring the unstoppable Charli XCX earlier this summer (taken from London label Double Denim's first ever compilation) and contributing beats for two tracks on the rising starlet's own acclaimed first album.

Not one to rest on his laurels, next month sees the release of Zucco's 'Cold Shoulder' mixtape, a collection of five original tracks that go some way to encapsulate the broad spectrum of his many and varied influences, from Philip Glass to Gucci Mane via Bjork and Brian Eno.

Crafted from crystalline hip hop beats and an undercurrent of bass, two of these sparkling electronic jams feature the talents of 21 year-old Chicago Southside phenomenon Sasha Go Hard (on 'Bottles' - preview the track here) and the intoxicating vocals of rising Brit YADi (on 'Memo'), while 'Jump' is a clattering, joyous club track and closer 'Plans' is an exquisite slice of introspection.

This is just the start for JoZUS MILLION, with an EP due out on Double Denim later this year and a UK trip in the pipeline.

The mixtape will be available from September 2nd as a free download - stay tuned for more details and the full tracklisting.