John Peel And Cobain Favourites Jacob's Mouse Reissue Their Debut Ep & Lp Via Sturm Und Drang Recordings

John Peel And Cobain Favourites Jacob's Mouse Reissue Their Debut Ep & Lp Via Sturm Und Drang Recordings


On Monday 4Th March, the debut EP 'The Dot EP' and LP 'No Fish Shop Parking' of under-rated, boundary-pushing early 90's alt/punk/dub/thrash 3-piece JACOB'S MOUSE will get a long-overdue digital release via Sturm Und Drang Recordings. Beloved of John Peel and Kurt Cobain, it's time their tale were told.

Jacob's Mouse were a three-piece indie rock band from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK, formed during the late 1980s. They comprised identical twins Hugo and Jebb Boothby on guitar and bass respectively, along with singing drummer Sam Marsh.

Preceded in 1990 by vinyl-only 'The Dot EP', their debut album 'No Fish Shop Parking' hit the shops in 1991 on the band's own Blithering Idiot imprint. A critical success on release, it led to high-profile support slots with "buzz" bands of the day (including Nirvana, Suede, Th' Faith Healers and Manic Street Preachers), numerous festival appearances, the support and patronage of Radio One's John Peel (for whom they recorded several Maida Vale sessions), and a recording contract with London- based Wiiija Records (home to Cornershop, Therapy? and BiS).

In the following years, Jacob's Mouse reacted to the encroaching Britpop phenomenon by retreating entirely from the well-trodden path; their second and third long-players (1993's 'I'm Scared' and 1995 swansong 'Rubber Room') saw the songs become increasingly, wilfully experimental to the point of near-collapse under the weight of their own delirious head-mashing joy.

Sadly, an indie scene obsessed with Blur and Oasis just wasn't ready for 7-minute dub-chainsaw epics, and Jacob's Mouse bowed out gracefully in 1995, having never achieved the acclaim they truly deserved. 

Sam Marsh went on to record a couple of singles and two albums as The Machismos, and currently sings and plays drums in oldschool hardcore band Volunteers. Marsh has also played with dub bands Zen Reggae Masters and The People's Choice, and produced records by Thee Vicars, Ten City Nation and Rats As Big As Dogs. 

Jacob's Mouse 'The Dot EP' & 'No Fish Shop Parking' will be released Worldwide on Monday 4 h March 2013 

The Jacob's Mouse releases are the first in an upcoming series from Sturm Und Drang Recordings in the next six months. Next up is Shannon Hope's EP 'Shannon Hope EP' on the 18th of March.

Listen to 'Twist' here:

 Jacob's Mouse - Twist by Soundandvisionpr