Jacques Greene Streams New 'No Excuse' From Forthcoming Phantom Vibrate Ep [Listen]

Jacques Greene Streams New 'No Excuse' From Forthcoming Phantom Vibrate Ep [Listen]

LuckyMe are very proud to present Jacques Greene's Phantom Vibrate EP. A three track club 12" of JGs most sophisticated songs to date. Phantom Vibrate explores themes of human interaction with technology as he embarks on a new hardware show and string of headline launch events in the three cities that helped model his signature blend of techno, house & contemporary R&B: Brooklyn, Montreal & London.

Now residing in New York, Jacques Greene is a producer helping define the next template for dance music - something not beholden to purist abstract language of what's 'real' house music or techno. No, JG is singularly absorbing experimental influences, hip hop & R&B. It's ironic then that should the old guard of dance music take notice of this artist they'd find an old head on young shoulders. Greene continues to write on analogue hardware - he's DJ sets a journey through Chicago and Detroit, albeit ending up in the contemporary hubs of London & Atlanta. Since his early releases The Look, Another Girl and last summers massive On Your Side ft  How To Dress Well - he has proven himself as an artist who doesn't think in tracks. These are considered EPs with deliberate aesthetic themes.

A1 'No Excuse', sees JG dust off his trademark vocal phrasing but here there's another layer of intensity to his previous tracks. The vocals aren't central this time. This track is about hard shuffling taikos and owes more to hip hop production than his previous

B1 'Feel What' is euphoric gospel house - the sample processed into a plate chorus that lifts a rhythm section of jacking hats and Prince-esque chords. It's ascendant, reaching a hazey pinnacle before disappearing under sparkling synths. Modern gospel house without looking back.

B2 'Night Tracking' is on ode to JG's old club night in Montreal that was responsible for refining his tastes and cutting his teeth alongside many legends. The track is pure hardware work out - and yet it's cinematic in its evocation of dark dancefloors & midnight car rides. Just like so much of Greene's music, it's alive and deeply visual.