Islet Announce New Album 'Released By The Movement' Released 7th October 2013

Islet Announce New Album 'Released By The Movement' Released 7th October 2013

The fearless Welsh band are set to release their new album Released By The Movement on band member Mark Daman Thomas's own Shape Records. This is an ambitiously explorative work, an intense and immersive follow up to last year's widely celebrated debut LP Illuminated People.

On this record they "go free". They sing of their love and of their anger, and the joy and pain of their "obsessive need to freak" (Carlos). They sing without words at all, as the record plunges into the more nocturnal sounding depths of Tripping Through The Blue Room (Part II). Woven together by JT's guitar and Alex Williams's bass, this track is seized by the almost gothic dread that snakes through the record.

"Tripping Through The Blue Room (Part II) was named in homage to a song by Michael Yonkers, a forgotten then re-discovered 1960s technophile visionary. His song 'Tripping Through The Rose Gardens' has been an influence on us since the beginnings of Islet, and as we jammed one night in a blue room we realised the sounds we were making gave us that same sense of weightlessness." Emma Daman Thomas

These songs were recorded with the band's good friend Stephen Black - also known as the artist Sweet Baboo. With Black on the controls, the album was recorded and mixed in practice spaces and bedrooms in Cardiff with no engineers or outside input, giving the group the freedom to work without inhibition, recording stream-of-consciousness sonic journeys alongside unruly maximalist adventures.


1. Triangulation Station
2. Sails Billow And Swell
3. Carlos
4. Tripping Through The Blue Room (Part I)
5. Tripping Through The Blue Room (Part II)
6. Citrus Peel
7. Elastic
8. Mirror Me
9. Rip Bark