Introducing Dpf And Reds Of Soldjasoulz

Introducing Dpf And Reds Of Soldjasoulz

DPF has been releasing music since the late nineties as part of the Son records stable with a lot of his early work achieving cult classic status amongst heads that are tuned in to the authentic UK underground. Vinyl releases alongside artists such as Kashmere, Cappo and Def Tex paved the way for his critically acclaimed 2008 album 'It'll Never Catch On' a true masterpiece which DPF held down entirely on his own with no guest features, his flair for dropping incredible wordplay and effortless delivery with tight concepts being more than enough to satisfy the listener over a full length project. 

Reds is an emcee born out of sound system culture and earned his stripes commanding the mic at raves up and down the country before starting his own Chronic Redeye Music imprint in 2004. Consistently releasing hardcore reggae -inspired hip hop with a miltant edge, CDs such as Knowledge Is King and Ruffneck Intellect spread across the UK like wildfire and earned him a rep as a force to be reckoned with, cemented by his work alongside artists such as Bronze Nazareth, Main Flow, Hell Razah, Timbo King, Deadly Hunta and Manage to name a few. 

Since 2009 these two elusive characters have joined forces with spectacular effect to bring you Soldjasoulz, a two-man lyrical army with a unique formula to making music that draws influence from both true school hip hop and dancehall reggae and throws them in the mix with their witty articulate style and healthy cynicism for watered down pop rap to create some absolutely killer joints that are not to be missed. If you love ill wordplay served with complex flows and refreshing honesty over banging production then this is for you. 

Free downloads of the Soul Sellers EP, Your Mum Loves Reggae EP and other exclusives, remixes and freestyles now available as well as the Soulz of the Storm 13 track album.