Hypnolove Releases Album 'Ghost Carnival' On May 13th 2013

Hypnolove Releases Album 'Ghost Carnival' On May 13th 2013

With spring just around the corner, Record Makers - the label that have brought you Sebastien Tellier and Kavinsky (amongst others) - proudly present the sophomore album from Hypnolove, the Toulouse-based trio that have just created the soundtrack to this year's sunshine. Welcome to the Ghost Carnival

Set for release on the 13th May, Hypnolove features the musical talent of Thierry Moreira (vocals/keys), Henning Specht (vocals/chords/drums) and Nicolas Sentenac (guitar/bass); a group formed between friends that share a common dream, and above all, a passion for discovering and creating music that defies easy categorization. 

In the purest sense, 'Ghost Carnival' delivers a delightful moment of modern pop, although delve deeper and their more obscure influences shine bright - something that the producer, Ed Banger's UK ambassador Mickey Moonlight (aka Midnight Mike), should also take great credit for. 

Nicolas explains, 'We needed to find a guideline for this album and although disco and pop built the frame that we worked from, our listening is much wider than that. Artists such as the Walker Brothers, Lucio Battisti, Kid Creole & The Coconuts, Prince, Strafe, ZZ Top, Talking Heads. the list goes on, all of them deserve a salute!' Thierry continues, 'We are always looking for new music to listen to and we are all LP lovers, so it was very important for us to make a cohesive album that worked from back to front. Working with Mike was fantastic, he knew all our reference points and was able to change our sound for the better without betraying the spirit of our songs'

There's no doubt that the combination of Hypnolove's song-writing with Mike's production style has elevated the band's sound and there's a clear progression in ideas and song structures from their 2006 debut 'Eurolove'. This time the LP features guest appearances from UK singer Findlay Brown, lead singer of Puro Instinct Piper Kaplan, and Freya Parry (at just 9-years old) providing vocals on the title track 'Ghost Carnival' to brilliant effect. 


1. Simple Classic Beautiful 
2. Holiday Reverie 
3. Midnight Cruising 
4. Winter In The Sun 
5. Come To My Empire 
6. Beyond Paradise 
7. Ghost Carnival 
8. Sleepwalker 
9. Goodnight Kiss