Henry Parker Releases New Single 'Red Fox' On September 15th 2013

Henry Parker Releases New Single 'Red Fox' On September 15th 2013

The buzz surrounding twenty-something Henry Parker is electric. In 2006, he picked up a guitar for the first time, and in just weeks, he was playing blues, jazz, rock and country numbers fluently, blowing away most guitarists three times his age.  

With a stunning set of well-crafted songs, electric stage presence and a musical style that cuts a nod to all the guitar greats, Henry Parker is set to spearhead a true rock revival. His highly acclaimed live performances are hailed by young and old audiences alike and bear the Parker trademark of passion, power, and incredible guitar virtuosity.

His self-titled debut album is coming soon but to whet fan's appetites the first single 'Red Fox' will be released on September 15th.

Red Fox is a rock driven song of the best kind:  smoky, suggestive vocals, hooky riffs complete with searing guitar solo. The track is inspired by a very real 'foxy' lady: a "walker of the streetlight path".  As Henry explains:

"I met this girl at a gig . I bumped into her frequently - and in the most unladylike of places. She was always scantily clad and wore this faux fur fox thing round her neck."

Henry's suspicions of her being a 'lady of the night' were well-founded, as she later confirmed to him herself.  This inspired Henry to write a song about her but he needed the help of a different kind of 'fox' to cement the idea;

"Early one evening I was sitting down trying to think of lyrics - and then a fox ran by my window. It reminded me of this girl so immediately I wrote the first line of the song, and then the rest was easy" says Henry.

See Henry live in London:

Aug 2 The Borderline London, UK
Aug 27 The Troubadour London, UK