Great Britain Vs Europe Brings British Craft Beer Challenge Festival To Hackney On 3rd August 2013

Great Britain Vs Europe Brings British Craft Beer Challenge Festival To Hackney On 3rd August 2013

The Great British Craft Beer Challenge Festival is the ultimate beer lovers test which brings brews from around the world together in one head to head challenge. This time it's a clash of Titan craft beers from Great Britain VS Europe, as part of a far reaching search to all corners of the Globe bringng the best beer to London Fields in the heart of culturally vibrant Hackney.

This weekend will recruit all beer lovers, occasional fans and total beer geeks to assist in the search at a series of events held at The Brewhouse across the summer of 2013, promising to be a modern celebration of all that is great about contemporary craft beer.

This weekend features some delicious cold craft beers from Great Britain & Europe such as:


Alhambra - Especial
A specialist Pilsener with a golden colour, smooth and crisp with a full rich taste backed with fruit and a little maltiness.

Alhambra - Premium
A classic Andalusian lager; blonde in colour with an appealing nose and palate with a citrus finish.


Bacchus - Framboise
Brewed by Van Honesbrouck from Ingelmunster in Belgium, these beers are based on 'Bacchus' their famed red style beer within the local region.  Light and refreshing with a spritzy tartness.  Raspberry fruit is added to give an intensely fruity beer.  Bottles are paper wrapped and in half champagne bottles.

Blanche - Blanche De Bruxelles
The "Witteke" is a typical beer from the past. It was characteristic for farm-based breweries. The craft brewers used the best ingredients from their own harvest. Blanche de Bruxelles owes its natural cloudiness to the presence of wheat (40%). During the boiling process, natural aromas are added - coriander and dried orange peel.

Bourgogne - Des Flandres
The Bourgogne des Flandres beers are quintessential products of Belgian brewing. Now situated in Kartuizerinnenstraat the succession of family have, since the Van Houtryve family in 1765, been respectively in "Den Os", brewery "De Sterre/Ten Ezele" and "La Marine" brewery. 

Le Trappe -  Blonde
La Trappe Blond from Brouwerij De Koningshoeven is a top fermentation beer, re-fermented in the bottle with an alcohol content of 6,50%. Golden blond colour. Fresh and fruity flavour.

La Chouffe
A golden blonde ale whose freshness and fruity taste really make it stand out.

De Konnick
De Koninck Brewery is renowned for its traditional beer, De Konnick, an amber-coloured speciality beer. This potent beer has an accessible taste and is popular with beer fans thanks to the hint of spicy malt, the slightly bitter finish and the beer's velvety smooth flavour. 

Duvel - Single Fermented
Created by the Moortgat family, bottled Duvel is one of Belgium's favorite ales. The secret of its success lies in using only best-quality ingredients, and in the well-balanced, very specific, complex brewing and refermentation process that takes over 90 days.

Erdinger - Dunkel
Launched in 1991, Erdinger Dunkel beer (Erdinger Dark) has a higher gravity and alcohol content. It has a slight chocolatey taste and aroma but still retains a refreshingness. Tasting notes a light, powdery chocolate nose with some spice, and a silky palate of caramel and milk chocolate, with a smoky hint.


Schremser  - Bio Roggenbier 
A family owned brewery in Austria has created this Rye beer using centuries old brewing techniques. Top fermented, this beer is full of flavour with hints of banana. If you like a classic witbier you may want to give this a go.


Nogne - IPA
A rich, malty, and very bitter ale. Cascade hops provide a long, fruity, and spicy after-taste. Recommended serving temperature 10°C/50°F. Ideal with barbequed or smoked meat dishes.

La Trappe - Dubbel
La Trappe Dubbel is a deep reddish brown in color with a creamy tan foam. The aroma is of dried fruit and candy, with the faintest hint of hops. On the tongue, Dubbel is malty and slightly sweet with a fruity, soft character.


Red Willow - Sleepless
A complex beast of an American amber ale, initial rich toffee malt gives way to big juicy hops and a long clean bitter finish.

Hastings - Hastings Porter
All the flavours are there - chocolate, liquorice, deep-roasted coffee - but without the heaviness that normally confines dark beers to winter nights. A true year-round porter. Hastings Porter contains no animal products. It is a vegan beer.

Sunny Republic - Shark Head
A modern take on a rare Pils variant. Historically having a bitter hop bite, this Friesian takes it one step further and builds on the German Spalt hops clean bitterness by adding a citrusy-pepper bite from the NZ Pacific Jade. Lagered for two whole weeks and finished off by running it for 24 hours through Australian Citra hops in our Sierra Nevada style hop torpedo.

Sunny Republic - Beach Blonde
Highly quaffable at 3.7%, it has a brilliant straw blonde appearance. Its tantalising tropical aroma of mangoes, grapefruit and lychees come from our unique blend of New Zealand, Australian and West Coast American hops. The upfront bitterness gently yields to a light malt body provided by barley that is sourced solely from farms around the brewery.

ArtBrew - IBeer
A speciality vanilla beer, this is a golden ale that balances out sweet vanilla flavours with some equally fragrant and punchy hops. Please note this is a beer that's strongly flavoured with vanilla and one that is definitely a talking point. Not for the cautious.

Hops Studio - Pilsner
Hop Studios Pilsner is an antidote to mass produced lager! Brewed with lager Malt Perle and Saaz Hops to give a clean crisp taste of creamy malt and strong herbal aromas with a dry hoppy finish that is not too bitter 

Magic Rock - Carnival
A lustrous Golden Ale to remind you of sunny days and summer suppin; welcome to the Carnival! Heady aromas of sweet Pine and Tangerine invite you in while a light caramel body gets things started.

Allgates - Ostara
Brewed with Maris Otter Pale Ale malt and a bit of wheat; loads of fruity hop flavours from a medley of traditional and modern hops; Fuggles, Styrian Goldings and Bramling Cross among others. But it is the addition of the wonderful Citra hop that really brings this beer to the fore. Not as bitter as our other pale beers.

Bristol Beer Factory - Hefe
A German-style Wheat Beer, with a rich banana & clove aroma, it pours with a thick rocky head and has a hazy orange appearance. Zippy & zesty, with banana, bubble gum & hints of grapefruit, it's a very refreshing beer perfect for a sunny day.

And last but not least a large array of London Fields Brewery's best products: Hackney Hopster, LFB Unfiltered Lager, Love Not War, LFB Wheat Beer and their infamous Shoreditch Triangle.

Unlike other international beer and brewing awards the British Craft Beer Challenge will invite the opinion of the most important beer fanatics of all - you,  the everyday drinker - to cast their your on your favourite beer.

In case that is not enough reason to bring family and friends along, each event will see an array of local food producers and musicians ready to provide the perfect accompaniment to a challenging day!

You're local British brew needs you this Saturday, get your craft beer hat on and head down!


WHAT: The Great British Beer Challenge Festival - GREAT BRITAIN VS EUROPE
WHERE: The Brewhouse - The Railway Arches 369-370 Helmsley Place E8 3SB
WHEN: This Saturday 3rd August - 12 Noon - Midnight
PRICES: Earlybird entry, beer & food £7 // on the door £9 // beer challenge entry only £3