Goldroom Announces Free Download Premix For Next Single 'Till Sunrise'  [Listen]

Goldroom Announces Free Download Premix For Next Single 'Till Sunrise' [Listen]

Here is Goldroom's statement:
On August 11 I'll be releasing my new song, "Till Sunrise," which features vocals by Mammals. For this release I've decided to try something I'm calling "The Premix", and I'm really excited about it. Basically, you can download the vocal stem on Soundcloud and make your own remix before the song is even out.

The premix is an experiment. Remixes are a big part of the creative world I live in, and it has always been important to me to give up-and-coming producers the chance to work with my songs unencumbered. One thing that I've struggled with, though, is that when crafting a remix, you're bound in one way or another by the original track. Inevitably the song, its arrangement, and its instrumentation influence the remix. What I'm interested in here is seeing what happens when people remix a song without having actually heard that song.

Today, I'm releasing the vocal stem to my new song "Till Sunrise", which I wrote with Mammals. The song comes out on August 11, but what I can't wait to find out is how people choose to interpret these vocals having never heard the original song. This isn't a remix contest and there's no end goal. This is a musical experiment and hopefully a jumping off point for people to create a remix in a brand new way.

If you or a friend decides to give this a go, that's great. I want to hear the results! Be sure to send them my way. Just tag your work with #thepremix and I'll post anything cool that comes my way. I'm sure I'll end up figuring out something cool to do with the most innovative interpretations, but for now I'm just excited to hear what happens!"