Future Loves Past Release Album 'All The Luscious Plants' On September 24th 2013

Future Loves Past Release Album 'All The Luscious Plants' On September 24th 2013

Future Loves Past have revealed album art work and the release date for their full-length debut, All the Luscious Plants, along with another song from the record "Pretty Things" which was premiered on Consequence of Sound this week (ok to post for download). Phoenix Arizona indie label, Common Wall Media (Gospel Claws, Bogan Via, Snake! Snake! Snakes!) added Future Loves Past to its roster earlier this year and released the first song from the record "Grow Up Tall" on a 7" split earlier this month (co-released with President Gator Records). The band recorded the ten songs that are All the Luscious Plants this spring with producer, Bob Hoag, at Flying Blanket Recording. It was during the recording process that the band caught the ear of Chuckie Duff, owner of Common Wall Media, when Hoag sent over a track to get Duff's opinion on a mix.

The artwork for All the Luscious Plants is as meticulously crafted as the music. It is a 3ft by 2.5ft diorama built by band member Eric Palmer made from sand, rocks, foam, paper mache, clay, and static grass. It took him three weeks to build. Palmer and his bandmates like to create all aspects of Future Loves Past's visual presence from poster and album art to the forthcoming hand-drawn, animated video for "Grow Up Tall".

Future Loves Past began in Tempe, AZ in September of 2010. The lineup consists of Eric Palmer (Vocals, guitar, bass), Tristan DeDe (Vocals, guitar, keys), Enrique Naranjo (Drums), Sean Wintrow (Vocals, bass, guitar, keys), and Sarah Hibner (Vocals, percussion). The band was initially formed in a last-minute attempt to fill a sudden vacancy at a show in early September 2010. Despite only having one week to learn seven songs, that show was a huge success, and having been convinced to continue playing more shows, the band was officially formed.

In the nearly three years since then, Future Loves Past has become a fixture in the Phoenix music scene, both for their unique and rich sound, as well as their dynamic onstage presence. Eric and Sean write most of the songs with Tristan contributing to the creative development and arrangement of songs. Producer, Bob Hoag, became instrumental in the process of refining and arranging as well, pairing the songs on All the Luscious Plants down to the core of what makes them great, to create a lean group of ten songs that clocks in at just under 37 minutes.

'All the Luscious Plants' tracklist:

1. Pretty Things
2. Grow Up Tall
3. And I Do
4. Mean Love
5. Seekers
6. Cher Ami
7. Lupa
8. Fear of Growing
9. I'm Free
10. Kiss