Fekky Releases Stream Of New Track 'Let It Go' [Listen]

Fekky Releases Stream Of New Track 'Let It Go' [Listen]

With Fekky's formidable introduction on the recently announced debut single 'Still Sittin' Here' alongside Dizzee Rascal, the benchmark for Fekky to keep delivering noteworthy tracks is set high and it's one that he's going to keep delivering upon as we reveal the single's b-side Let It Go.
Whereas Still Sittin' Here demonstrates Fekky's ability to deliver a track alongside one of Grime's pioneers, something that so many people have rejoiced with hearing, Let It Go digs deeper and displays Fekky's vocal diversity and flow, lyrically showcasing his ability to the backdrop of a smooth string and piano production.

Let It Go is available for free download from Fekky's Facebook . Still Sittin Here is out on Dirtee Stank next Monday, August 25th. Stay tuned for Fekky's new single to be announced in September.