Ed Thomas Streams All 5 Tracks Of His 'Outlaws' Ep Out Now

Ed Thomas Streams All 5 Tracks Of His 'Outlaws' Ep Out Now

In early January 2014 newcomer Ed Thomas uploaded his debut solo track 'On My Own' to his Soundcloud. A sparkling slice of R&B pop that had a delicious two-step to it's slinky electronic groove. It brought to mind the radio friendly jams of the British wave of funk's Quiet Storm like Peter Gabriel and at the same time sounded instep with the new wave of young British house artists.

A couple of weeks later he posted the hushed 'Hurt' which inhabited a smoother late night place, closer to the tender Rhye or The XX.

Now, Ed reveals the soaring ballad 'Away' and details of the 5 track 'Outlaws' EP which is available for free download and purchase now.

Ed Thomas is stepping out from behind features and co-writes. Whether that's writing 'Fires' for Bondax that Josh Record sung (511,000 + plays) or 'Giving It All' for the same artist (945,000 + plays) or lending his song writing and vocals to Chase And Status's 'Blk & Blu'.

Bring it together and you have one of the UK's best and most distinctive new R&B heartbreak storytellers.

1. Outlaws
2. On My Own
3. Let It Take
4. Hurt
5. Away

Listen to 'Outlaws' EP here: