Daze Announce New Ep  'S.o.l.a.r' Out 15th July 2013

Daze Announce New Ep 'S.o.l.a.r' Out 15th July 2013

'BRIGADE MONDAINE' (Vice Squad in English) is the latest alternative beats and house imprint from French electronic label, Police Records.

The label's debut release is from rising star, Daze, a talented young Parisian producer, churning out nu-funk grooves with his vintage synths, vocoders and talkboxes.

Daze explains: "When I was a kid, my favourites past time was spent listening to the great funk teachers like Cameo, Zapp & Roger, D-Train, Skyy, Midnight Star, George Clinton and all the New-York Funk underground legends. Funk will always be an important part of my life and music."

Currently riding high in the iTunes Dance Charts  in France above Justice and Boys Noize, Daze makes music without  any  samples,  using  only  his  vintage  synthesizers  like  his "teachers" did years ago, this is real music sans the CGI.

S.O.L.A.R (which means Sound Of Love Around Radios) is all about funk and emotions.
S.O.L.A.R Tracklist :
1 - S.O.L.A.R (Sound Of Love Around Radios)
2 - Something on your mind
3 - Childhood dreams
4 - Thinking about you 5 - The One