Crybabycry Releases Stream Of Go Go' [Listen]

Crybabycry Releases Stream Of Go Go' [Listen]

Few bands can conjure a sound that would be at home on both a Tarantino soundtrack and in the top 10.

At times invoking the sparse minimalism of The XX, the sass of Nancy Sinatra and the balls of the Rolling Stones, CryBabyCry appeared fully formed from Wakefield's thriving music scene in 2013.

Apparently oblivious to the fickle fads and fashions of contemporary Rock and Roll, they cast their net further back than most, and drag their chosen genre into the future.

Although analogue recording, vintage guitars and cocktail dresses make for an attractive package, its only songs that can do the damage. Whether it's live, or on record, CryBabyCry have the songs that sound like old favourites, even on a first listen. New EP 'Go Go' is released on October 27th.

CryBabyCry are already dominating West Yorkshire with sell-out shows, limited edition EP releases and fans eager for them to become the poster band of the North. Having just played Reading & Leeds festival, overwhelming BBC introducing on both outings, CryBabyCry look set to break big by Autumn 2014. With almost 50,000 SoundCloud plays of "Go Go" to date, the people seem to agree!

It's time to experience CryBabyCry before you miss out.

CryBabyCry live:
30th September London Heavenly Social