Common Mama Self-titled Ep Released 22nd July 2013

Common Mama Self-titled Ep Released 22nd July 2013

Italian musician Ferdinando Arnò is internationally renowned for his poise and poignancy as a producer and composer. He's penned and produced radio hits for other artists, written and composed some of our most beloved TV jingles, and scored emotionally resonant incidental music for popular television shows. He's now stepping out as a composer and bandleader with his own group, Common Mama 

Joining Arno in Common Mama is Manchester born Jon Kenzie. Arno discovered Jon while he was visiting London - he was travelling by tube and spotted Jon busking at an underground station. Realising immediately that he'd heard something special, Arno approached him there and then to visit his studio in Milan and record songs together. 

The latest release for Common Mama will be an eponymously titled EP. Featuring previous single 'A New Kind Of Something' and new single 'Possibly Mine' - the video, which was recently picked up by Italian Vogue. 

'A New Kind Of Something' was written by Arno especially for Jon Kenzie's voice. Recorded between Manchester, Milan and London, the track was mixed at Metropolis Studios in London by Tom Elmhirst who has worked with such artists as Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Cee Lo Green. 

Earlier this year, Common Mama played at SXSW and undertook a short American tour. 

As Fernando says "I think planning the path of Common Mama would be a mistake. I'd rather let the world define it by showing us the way," 

Common Mama EP Track-listing:

1) Possibly Mine 
2) A New Kind of Something 
3) This Dance is Random 
4) Downtown Strolling Downtown 
5) Someday (Live @ BBC) 

Listen to 'Common Mama' EP here: