Caged Animals Announce Us September 2013 Tour Date

Caged Animals Announce Us September 2013 Tour Date

Caged Animals is the strangely life-affirming bedroom project of songwriter Vincent Cacchione, a New Jersey-born Italian living in Brooklyn. Signed to Lucky Number (Friends, Darwin Deez), Cacchione carries a strongly traditional gene in his brand of glitch-friendly pop - as inspired by the classic songwriting of Jeff Magnum or John Lennon's solo material as the melancholic R&B twist of James Blake or Frank Ocean. His second album, 'In The Land of Giants', will be released on September 2, following radio support across Radio 1, 6Music and XFM. Details on a new single, 'Too Much Dark', will be announced shortly.

"I walked in the door and found him sprawled out on the carpet, the cops were the first on the scene and his son, who I'd met the week before, looked up at me wordlessly. I was holding two D-sized tanks of Oxygen and a delivery slip that was never going to get signed." And so begins one of Vincent Cacchione's most lasting memories of his time working as a courier of Oxygen, a role he performed for 70 hours a week around Staten Island. Driving the van from home to home and meeting new people (some for the first time, some for the last), it is a period Cacchione returned to often when writing 'In The Land Of Giants' - a record about family, faith and hope.

The renewed optimism of Caged Animals is surmised in the album's opener, 'Too Much Dark': a twinkling, gospel-influenced piece of R&B, fulfilling Cacchione's wider hope for a record that "injects computer-music with something simple and honest." The result of this aspiration is apparent; 'In The Land Of Giants' is a deeply human album, as concerned with the cosmos as it is earth and skin. 'The Sound Of Thunder', inspired by Vin's friend from Soft Black, (Zachary) Cole Smith, and now lead DIIV-er, sneers triumphantly in the face of crushing inevitability, while the gentle, spiritual uplift of 'What You're looking For' reassures with conviction that "it takes a long time, maybe your whole life, but you'll find what you're looking for."

If the sound of 'In The Land of Giants' looks decidedly forwards, its inspirations are inevitably drawn from Cacchione's past. Vin's work with Soft Black dealt heavily with death, sparked after the untimely passing of Vin's own father when he was just twenty. Cacchione's father, a jewellery engraver, turned stand-up comedian, introduced an early love of music in his son, one which (for the first time in his career) now has a decidedly positive spin. "Right before I began writing the album I began to feel a new sort of peace with my family history and finally figured out how I could express this to others without bringing them along into the darkness."

From 'Too Much Dark,' then, into the light - on their second album, Caged Animals ultimately strengthen the romantic vision that seeds through all their material, and won them praise across both sides of the Atlantic for the previous album, 'Eat Their Own'. Debut single 'Cindy+Me' is a dark but infectious outlaw love song, a modern day Bonnie & Clyde based around a sample from synthesizer-pioneer Raymond Scott's 'Cindy Electronium'. Elsewhere on the record, themes of friendship and love are explored; 'A Psychic Lasso' is about a co-dependent relationship between two men, following Vin's realization that "so many gay songwriters tailored their couplets toward the heterosexual," and deciding to pay tribute by doing the opposite.

'In The Land of Animals' is an intimate yet grand pop record, from an artist that is not afraid to risk being seen as uncool in order to deliver something genuine. It's an album that reflects on Cacchione's past but finds the beauty of love in the most

unlikely places.
18th     Mercury Lounge, NYC w/ Diamond Doves, Other Colors, Springs
25th     Shea Stadium, Brooklyn w/ Potty Mouth, Shark?, TOONS
17th     Shea Stadium, Brooklyn w/ Crushed Out, Kissing Is A Crime, Rosy Street

5th      Il Motore, Montreal, QC Canada
6th      Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, Canada
7th      Waiting Room, Bufflo, NY
8th      Magic Stick Lounge, Detroit, MI
9th      Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL
10th    Blue Moose Tap House, Iowa City, IA
12th    Larimer Lounge, Denver, CO
13th    Kilby Court, Salt Lake City, UT
14th    Beauty Bar, Las Vegas, NV
15th    Bottom of The Hill, San Francisco, CA
16th    Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA
17th    The Green Room, Flagstaff, AZ
18th    Rhythm Room, Phoenix, AZ
20th    Holy Mountain, Austin, TX
21st     Club Dada, Dallas, TX
22nd   Gasa Gasa, New Orleans, LA
25th    Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, PA
26th    Brighton Music Hall, Boston, MA
28th    Bug Jar, Rochester, NY
29th    Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY