Brooke Campbell Reforms Her Voice And Releases New Ep The Escapist

Brooke Campbell Reforms Her Voice And Releases New Ep The Escapist

It's hard to believe that singer-songwriter Brooke Campbell literally couldn't sing for close two years before recording her new ep The Escapist. 

She had no choice but to to delve deeper in to her own rabbit hole of personal truth-to come to peace with herself and her music. 

See, Brooke has drawn inspiration from her spiritual experiences from the beginning. Her faith practice began in her college years in the coastal Carolinas, where she was signed to a known christian record label at the time. She recorded and released several records and toured the country as "christian" artist for several years without much question about what the future held for her. A few years in however, her writing diverged from what her current audience was wanting. Her voice left. 

After a couple of years in silence instead of tailoring her newer self to fit the old dimensions, she decided to allow a newer, truer version to emerge. 

"I finally realized that there were just ways I wanted to express myself that might cause me to lose some fans. While I would never want that, I needed to be honest. My voice returned soon after," she continues. 

Over the course of all this, she parted ways with her label and moved to New York City. Now she's in throws of independently releasing her latest EP, The Escapist, currently available for sale online at CD Baby. 

The Escapist explores new aesthetics and sounds. This collection of confessions and imaginings suggests a broad faith underneath - in honoring one's own truths. This is Brooke's first fully orchestrated recording. It offers bright string arrangements that remind you of the season's first snow fall. She enlisted Colin McGrath to create a Sinatra-inspired string dreamscape for the song "Sparkle." For the driving atmosphere of "Ice Covers the North," she worked with Matt Frey to transport the listener through a chilling wilderness with an army of cellos. All four tracks on The Escapist were produced by William Berlind, who also produced Brooke's previous album, Sugar Spoon.