Breakup Releases Stream Of Debut Single 'Bubble' [Listen]

Breakup Releases Stream Of Debut Single 'Bubble' [Listen]

Debut single Bubble offers equal measures of restraint and pushiness. Its harsh, minimalist production clashes with the sugary hooks, matched veraciously by the upbeat vocal delivery aggravating the dark underlying political theme.

The duo got together in much the reverse of how most relationships end; collaborating casually, but ending up working together so much they had no choice but to start a band. At the core of the project, Julia Spada and Ludvig Parment set out a clear mantra by focusing their energies on making "deconstructed hits; classic pop songs where there's always something a bit off".

Breakup are set to head out of the studio and into the world with a string of releases. 2015's looking all the brighter for it.