Braid Announce London Show Saturday 27th July 2013

Braid Announce London Show Saturday 27th July 2013

"Braid were an inspiration, Frame and Canvas is simply a defining record of the whole 90's emo/indie rock scene. The purest example of heart on your sleeve emotion, I listen to them at least once or twice every week. The fact that they're going to be heading over to the UK to play a show means that those of us who didn't get the chance to see them the first time around can get to experience how 'real emo' should sound!" says Matthew Davies-Kreye of Funeral For A Friend

Seminal '90s indie-rock quartet Braid are proud to announce an exclusive London show on Saturday 27th July at The Garage, London.  The band will perform their album 'Frame And Canvas' in full for its 15th year anniversary.

In the 1990 musical landscape, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois' Braid carved a place for themselves that continues to resonate. Armed with a much deserved reputation as a touring band, their dual guitar and vocal assault coupled with a math-rockesque rhythm section earned them a legion of fans and a popularity that continues to grow over a decade after its initial breakup.

Since its inception in 1993, the band released a number of compilation songs, 7" material and full-length albums that are still regarded as indie-rock benchmarks. 1998 was the defining year for Braid. The band played almost 200 shows that year, toured Europe twice (first with The Get Up Kids then with Burning Airlines), and Polyvinyl Record Co. released Frame and Canvas, the quintessential Braid album, recorded and produced at DC's Inner Ear studios with J Robbins. The record was released in April 1998 and met with more success than neither Braid, nor Polyvinyl had ever imagined.

By early 1999, Braid was ready for a break and, ultimately, ended up deciding to call it quits. The last five days of the band were documented by the Bifocal-directedKilling a Camera video. Nearly a year later, Damon, Todd, and Bob emerged with friend Mark Dawursk as a new band - Hey Mercedes - while Chris went on to start The Firebird Band and Lucid Records.

In mid-2010 the members of Braid - Chris Broach (guitar/vocals), Bob Nanna (guitar/vocals), Todd Bell (bass), and Damon Atkinson (drums) - became excited about the idea of releasing something for Record Store Day 2011 and decided to set aside time in the winter to get together and see what would happen. The success of those practice sessions led to Closer to Closed, an energetic four song EP released by Polyvinyl that featured three new songs from the band as well as a cover of Jeff Hanson's "You Are The Reason." Expanding its trademark sound with new layers and textures, Closer to Closed was a welcome return for Braid.  "We've been feeling re-energized and inspired to create more Braid music for our fans, old and new," Bob Nanna said. "Given the new ways to connect to our fans, not to mention the crop of young amazing bands coming up now, we couldn't just keep quiet and watch. We're excited to be able to release a brand new Braid album in 2013." says the band.

Braid- performing 'Frame And Canvas'

SATURDAY 27TH JULY - THE GARAGE, LONDON (plus special guests)