Brackles New Ep 'Go' Out 5th August 2013

Brackles New Ep 'Go' Out 5th August 2013

Rinse FM's Brackles is set to release the Go EP, his first since last year's Rinse Presents: Brackles LP. It marks a subtle shift for Rob Kemp, away from the polyphonic fireworks of his album tracks towards slinkier, sleeker arrangements. But they still retain his distinctive production traits - steeped in melody and driven by compulsive swung rhythms that nod towards garage, house and grime. The title track opens the EP in low-key mode: it's the slowest and most contemplative track we've heard from Brackles to date, drifting along woozily in a haze of metallic percussive clicks, while Cherri sings of "crushing on the DJ all night long".

The rest of the EP, however, finds him aiming with pinpoint accuracy at club floors. "I've been writing lots over the last year, and this EP has all kind of come through limitations," reveals Brackles. "I've basically just been using three hardware synths to write the other three tracks, and trying to get away from melodic basslines and go with more simple, subby things, 808s. It's quite a functional EP compared to some of my album which is quite melodic and quite intricate rhythmically - this is more focused on the dancefloor."

So the EP's subsequent three tracks each approach the dancefloor from a different angle, highlighting the breadth of his musical vision. 'Overtime' is a killer, grime-infused slow-burner, marked out by spooked eski-style melodies that trickle upward through the mix, and has been a regular feature in Brackles' own sets as well as contemporaries like Roska, Jackmaster & Oneman. 'Nottingham Daze' was written around the time so carries itself with a deft garage flex ("it's kind of a tribute to when I was in Nottingham," he explains, "doing my music tech thing, staying up 'til 9 in the morning listening to Horsepower with my mates"), while 'Crybaby's springy bass harmonies and bounding house rhythm explore the sub-driven UK house sound that's a vital current fixture in London clubs.

Listen To 'Overtime' Here: