Benjamin Schoos Collaborates With Laetitia Sadier On New Ep [Listen]

Benjamin Schoos Collaborates With Laetitia Sadier On New Ep [Listen]

Stereolab vocalist duets on 'Une Derniére Danse'; EP released 28th April on Freaksville

Two years after combining with Lætitia Sadier so deliciously on the heart-stealing orchestral pop of 'Je Ne Vois Que Vous', Belgian troubadour Benjamin Schoos has once again persuaded the Stereolab vocalist to be his centre piece on forthcoming new EP, Une dernière danse. "I've been a huge fan of her work and Stereolab's since I was a teen," Schoos enthuses. "They had a huge influence on the way I create and imagine modern pop music." 

As an EP, it's a fulsome tapestry of chamber orchestration, breezy pop hooks and light piano motifs, brought together - of course - by Schoos' irresistibly sultry croon. "It's a royal mix of dandy decadence and eroticism," says Schoos cheekily of its knowingly extravagant mix of aural colours. "I composed three of the track with the aim of penetrating people's mind with blurry melodies."

Sadier's isn't the only guest involved on the EP: April March appears on the Jacques Duvall co-composed, Serge Gainsbourg-indebted 'J'ai essayé de t'aimer' (an artist she herself covered in full on late 90's LP Gainsbourgsion). 

Meanwhile, Spanish artist Miqui Puig appears on the sprawling vocoder-embellished synth cosmos of near-eight minute closing track 'La vuelta del Doctor Amor'. Puig is described by Schoos as "Latin mixed with Shaun Ryder", while another Manchester connection is Doviak who co-wrote and co-produced Johnny Marr's The Messenger LP and features heavily, producing and playing most notably on the title track.

Une dernière danse tracklisting
Une dernière danse (feat. Lætitia Sadier)
La Grande Aventure
Jai Essayé de t'aimer (feat. April March)
Sexomaniaco 2000
La Vuelta del Doctor Amor (feat. Migui Puig)