Author Recalls Childhood Memories Of The Blitz In First Novel

Author Recalls Childhood Memories Of The Blitz In First Novel

Author Angela Lyon was born in 1934 and raised in Lancashire. Secrets is her first novel and in writing it she has used her recollections of the blitz on Liverpool as a five year old, huddled under the stairs with her parents.


In 1940 Helen Chapman and Annie Taylor set out to seek independence and do their bit for the war effort. Helen wants to be a nurse but Annie -a talented flautist-is escaping from home, bitter because, although she has won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music her father has refused his permission.

As Red Cross Volunteer Aid Detachment Nursing Auxiliaries, they are assigned to an RAF hospital in Southern England. Work is hard, discipline firm and fraternising with the patients forbidden. Here they find love and tragedy.

Their rivalry for Will Longford-an Australian pilot injured when he bails out of his stricken Spitfire-threatens to destroy their lifelong friendship.

As they come of age during the turmoil of war the secrets they keep and the lies they tell haunt Helen.

Will is enigmatic and keeps his own secret.

More About the Author

Angela Lyon comes from an artistic family, her mother had a degree in music and her father-a professional musician-was Musical Director of an important northern theatre.

Her great uncle was a well-known Lancashire artist, famous for his water colour scenes of the woodlands, rivers and lakes of the north. Much of his work is hung in local art galleries.

Her childhood was happy until her beloved brother Maurice was killed in the RAF. This has given her a lifelong perspective and understanding of the importance of the RAF in saving the United Kingdom from invasion.

Angela pursued a career in food marketing and promotion and was the food writer for a major Australian Sunday newspaper.

She lives in Australia with her husband Heinrich.

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