Archer And Light New Album 'Our Love Is Confetti' Out August 2nd 2013

Archer And Light New Album 'Our Love Is Confetti' Out August 2nd 2013

Perth based Archer & Light, is perhaps Australia's best kept secret. Set to release their newest EP, Our Love is Confetti, on August 2nd, the highly anticipated collection features the standout single, "Melbourne (I Used to Be Your All)."

Though a hardworking band from the beginning, 2009 brought on a complete transformation for the group, as they went into hiding and perfected their sound for 2 years. December of 2011 saw the birth of a new beginning known as Archer & Light. With a near sold out show at The Rosemount Hotel in Perth, WA, the band released their debut record The Black & White EP.  In 2012, they wowed music listeners again with the brilliant single, "Melbourne ( I Used to Be Your All)." 

Drawing from a wide range of influences including the likes of Bright Eyes, Bon Iver, Wilco,  The Temper Trap, Death Cab for Cutie and Radiohead to name a few, Archer & Light bring to the masses a refreshing sound all of their own. Their infectious brand of Indie-Electronica- Folk-Pop will have you in awe and on the edge of your seat to hear what the band has to offer next.

The outfit takes the fundamental structure of a simple acoustic song and then surrounds it in elements of sound-designed electronic and acoustic instrumentation. On the lyrical side, Luscombe is inspired by the desire to tell stories, whether they are directly personal or not. Taking subjects of feelings, he writes a story in a way that may portray the subject in an indirect metaphorical way. Luscombe is obsessed with imagery and trying to push himself to describe feelings, emotions and situations in new, thought provoking ways.

Interestingly enough, the musicality of the songs stems from the vibe of the lyrics, as it must be part of the story that could essentially help tell the tale without words. When it comes to arrangement, Archer & Light take a very specific approach that each member is a single note of a full chord. Often a collaboration amongst the band within their songwriting process, Luscombe is joined by Steph Ryan (vocals, synth, keyboard percussion, guitar), Rob Di Giallonardo (guitars, vocals), Damien Georke (keyboards, vocals, guitars), Jeremy Turner (bass, synth, programming), and Zack Visser (drums, samples, percussion).

Be prepared to be amazed on what this incredible band is about to bring to the table. 2013 may be the biggest year of Archer & Light yet..and it's only the beginning. 

Listen to 'Melbourne (I Used to Be Your All)' here: