Announcing Pow! 'Hi-tech Boom' Latest Lp Out January 14th 2014 On Castle Face

Announcing Pow! 'Hi-tech Boom' Latest Lp Out January 14th 2014 On Castle Face

Deep in the graveyard SF a young hand with black and cracked nails is pushing up through a broken pile of E-slag. Bitter teeth tear through server cables and motherboards, trying to be freed from the ever deepening sludge of tech waste...the Iphone is the new Styrofoam cup.

Stepping over them, eyes glazed, feet dragging, blank face aglow in the eerie luminescence of the smart(?) phones underfoot, is the spirit of these songs.

San Francisco has long been filling up with noobs.but now we face the most dangerous, the most egregious and blandest of them all... people with lots of money.

NOBODY can square-up a joint like rich people.
POW! have written a punk eulogy to our fair city.
Pop up shops!
Specialty shops!
What the fuck is happening???

There goes the taqueria that used to kick ass, replaced by a deli with a line of assholes a mile long. "I wonder what the sandwiches are like and do they make their own salsa?"

It's enough to be the catalyst for a bad day or a great fucking song.

In the vacuum that is now expanding there is a ragged and defensive sound vibrating out from the determinedly dirty underground. THIS is POW!.deep 80's synth bass percolating under the circuit-swamp-fried-egg guitar.the drums a teenage tiger's heartbeat and vocals delivered like a dead-pan face-slap from a kid half your age.

The recording is simple and dense.and it has a natural Doppler effect on headphones.

Its perfectly poppy and rough at the same time, and it has a message, so dig in ear-wise...

Heed the warning bell about the streets of our home being clogged with the cholesterol of they could be knocking on your door.

-- John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees/Castle Face)

01. Glitch
02. Hope Dealers
03. Vertical Slum
04. Sugi Walks
05. Switchboard Scientist
06. 66
07. Cyber Attack!!
08. Hi-Tech Boom
09. @ The Station
10. Shoes (PLEH)
11. Fire Hose