Andy Watts (The Seahorses) 'Fragments Of Bone' 5-Track Ep Release On Record Store Day  April 19th 2014

Andy Watts (The Seahorses) 'Fragments Of Bone' 5-Track Ep Release On Record Store Day April 19th 2014

When multi-instrumentalist Andy Watts isn't teaching music in prison or working with excluded young people on sonic projects, he's a film-making graphic designer who spends his time writing melodically captivating songs.

The 5 track EP 'Fragments of Bone' was written over a 6 month period and was recorded at George Shilling's Cotswold studio; it will be released digitally through the usual channels and as a limited edition signed white vinyl 7". Watts played all instruments, bar cello and double bass. The EP will be released to coincide with Record Store Day, April 19th 2014.

Andy Watts' world is a beautiful and sad place. He writes music that's lyrically fraught with emotion, painting a complex yet honest picture of life, love and loss. Songs that reflect our transitory nature and the fractured relationships we experience - performed in a harmonically layered and stylistically retro manner. Creations that convey the passing of time and bloom with lateral lyrical insight. Andy's long-term friend, Tindersticks singer Stuart Staples heard the tracks and described them as "sophisticated and sonically cool". Prior to this, he played drums and sang on 'DIY', a platinum selling album that was toured by post Brit-Pop group The Seahorses - produced by Tony Visconti.

Andy never switches off - he is fueled by a mind that is continually thinking of melody and visually based ideas; anything that a microphone can be pointed at is seen as a valid musical source. "I was taught to look at the world in a less structured manner and really feel that creativity can't be forced; it greets you when you least expect it." William Blake once said, "Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night."

He is currently editing two short films - one based around a Victorian weighing room in Newcastle's Grainger Market, which he states was an"anthropological delight to document". The other is about the north east of England on the day of Thatcher's funeral. He also films and edits his own video for the song compositions, some of which has been collaborative.

Seaweed Hair
Museum Of Love
Bag Of White Feathers
Throw Me