Alexia Coley Announces Free Download 'Love At First Sight'

Alexia Coley Announces Free Download 'Love At First Sight'

Alexia Coley releases her debut single "Keep The Faith" on Jalapeno Records in July 2013. Her background as a big band jazz singer and then as lead singer for West London crew The Rotten Hill Gang has prepared her for the attention that this year is already bringing and with her debut album nearly recorded you can expect to hear her name a lot more from her before the year is out.

Although this is her debut single you could ask anyone in the West London live music scene and they all would know exactly who she was. Whether playing resident gigs at The Paradise and Mau Mau, wowing huge crowds at Notting Hill Carnival as part of Gaz's Rockin' Blues sound system or fronting shows for Rotten Hill gang alongside The Clash's Mick Jones - when people see Alexia sing they remember it.

Her music has a classic soul and jazz vibe but with the edge of a girl who has grown up round Ladbroke Grove and seen what effect modern day London has on people. Her songs are timeless but still relate to kids growing up right now and she can just as often be found sandwiched between a rapper and a DJ on the bill as a lineup of jazz players at Ronnie Scotts.

Keep the Faith is an authentically recorded song with depth and emotion from a singer with the style and honesty to mark her place in soul music's history books.

Her voice is one that could rank among the greats and her album is a mixture of uplifting good time soul and slow emotive torch songs delivered with a style that comes from having a family with show business in the blood - her mother Ethel Coley having been a famous stage performer in her day.

New Single - Keep The Faith
Released 29 July On Jalapeño
Download 'Love At First Sight' Here