Acclaimed Folk-rock Band Tam Lin Releases New Album 'Medicine For A Ghost' Out October 2013

Acclaimed Folk-rock Band Tam Lin Releases New Album 'Medicine For A Ghost' Out October 2013

We are pleased to announce the new album Medicine for a Ghost by critically acclaimed storytelling folk-rock band Tam Lin. Fronted by New York City native Paul Weinfield, Tam Lin has been praised by Time Out New York as "mellifluous" and like "listening to Jeff Buckley and/or falling in love". Medicine for a Ghost is Tam Lin's fifth album and is set to release in October 2013.

Tam Lin's newest album consists of 10 tracks, all penned by Weinfeld himself. Each song tells a unique story and incorporates elegant melodies that touch on deep-seated emotional scars and inner demons as well as religious references. "Flame Within the Sun", the first track on Medicine for a Ghost, features an intricate arrangement of harmoniums, synthesizers and strings. Written in Weinfield's signature narrative style, "Golden Apples" tells the emotional story of a man who learns to move beyond his deep-seated scars of heartbreak and disappointments by opening his heart and mind to the present to find love that is right in front of him. The third verse conveys an epiphany that leads to greater self-knowledge:  

Well I've fought so hard for love, but I think I see at last that what I thought was love was just a war waged on the past.

The heart felt serenades of Tam Lin establishes a personal connection with all of its listeners. With uplifting tracks like "But For Today", "Vishnu Dreams the World" and "Bedouin Moon", Medicine for a Ghost teaches valuable lessons to be learned.

More on Tam Lin
In 2005, New York singer-songwriter Paul Weinfield formed Tam Lin, whose name comes from a Scottish ballad about a man taken in by the Queen of the Fairies.  The name reflects Weinfield's interests in magic and mythology, which together with his Leonard Cohen-esque flair for confessional songwriting form the heart of his unique folk-rock storytelling style, which No Depression Magazine described as "unafraid to push musical boundaries."  Tam Lin has released four full-length albums to date:  Begin Again (2009),In the Twilight (2008), Floating World (2006) and Garden in Flames (2011).  Known for poetic narratives, elegant melodies, and sonic landscapes, Tam Lin's sound has been praised by Jezebel Music as "a rare, successful, genuine-sounding blend of old and new sounds."