Review of Egg Album by Powersolo

Crunchy Frog

Powersolo Egg Album

There must be something in the water in Copenhagen. Epo-555's 2004 release, Dexter Frog, was easily one of the most innovative, catchiest and most fun releases of that year, and labelmates Powersolo can barely even be categorised. If you steer somewhere left of Jon Spencer's Blues Explosion, towards Elvis impersonation, the B-52's Rock Lobster, and then start from scratch, you'll get some idea of how odd and oddly compelling this disc is. No two songs sound alike, from party surf to 50's rock to Frank Zappa to Beastie Boys Fight for the Right rap. If all of that sounds like it might not work, think again. Egg is a hugely enjoyable set of songs from start to finish and back again. From the opening kick of Think About It to the Zappa-esque Gentle On The Nards, Egg makes great listening. Powersolo deserves more listeners than the UK might give them.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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