Review of UFO Album by Poppy and The Jezebels

Album review of UFO by Poppy and The Jezebels.

Poppy and The Jezebels UFO Album

Poppy And The Jezebels rise from the city that is Birmingham that is to blame for producing the likes of The Twang, but at this point we wont hold Poppy And The Jezebels responsible for that one, they are just unfortunate to come from the same City.

This four piece "All Female" band are set for the release of their new Single 'UFO' which is a catchy little tune. Nothing jumps out at you, but at the same time there is something there that keeps you listening. The band have a relaxing sound attached to them and it will be interesting to see these ladies rock out a bit because that's what 'UFO' is missing. It seems all very safe and on one level where they need to just blast a few chords out a bit more. Or something along those lines anyway


Mark Moore

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